Spotted: Vegan hot dogs at Kauffman Stadium

On the beautiful Sunday this past Labor Day weekend, Sid and I headed out to an afternoon baseball game at Kauffman Stadium.  In the 3rd inning we went on the hunt for snacks – counting on peanuts or pretzels.  But what a thrill when we found…

Veggie dogs! And veggie burgers! listed right along side the regular hot dogs and hamburgers at the concession stand.  I’ve since found confirmation that the veggie dogs at the ballpark are indeed vegan, but haven’t yet found details on the burgers (or the buns, for that matter).  But if that satisfies your ethics (and your ballpark junk food cravings), have at it. 

Anyone have any other favorite vegan snacks out at local sporting events?

Cirque d’Alex, at 7107 NW Barry Rd. (just off I-29) is a curious spot.  Its space is a little big for its needs and furnishings, which makes for an odd, echo-y ambiance, but what it lacks in coziness it makes up for in vegan eats.

Not only does Cirque d’Alex have vegan hot dogs, they make a point to have vegan buns and vegan toppings such as sauerkraut and chili (actually a spiced TVP rather than a soupier chili), as well as vegan sides – baked beans, potato salad, and cole slaw.  And their prices are extremely reasonable.  

Any other veggie dogs spotted in the wild in or around KC?

I’ve been waiting for this news for months!  Dog Nuvo, the fancy hot dog joint now living in the former Souperman space at 1724 Main, finally announces that they’ll have veggie dogs.  We’ll see if their house-made veggie dogs end up being vegan, but for the time being they’ll be carrying vegan Smart Dogs.  Eat up, and let them know that they’d be making a smart decision to keep carrying a vegan option.