Okay, KC Vegans – we’ve got a giveaway on our hands.  

To set the stage:  My husband, years ago, discovered StarLite Cuisine’s vegan Taquitos and fell in love.  Sadly, despite years of hunting, he’s only been able to find them at grocery stores on the East Coast and in Canada (he travels a lot for work).  But to his great pleasure, after weeks of correspondence with StarLite and Green Acres Market, he’s finally got a local source.  

StarLite is thrilled to have a new outlet for their yummy snacks, and sent us a thank you package to spread the word.  And we’d love for folks to head to Green Acres to buy StarLite products so Green Acres will keep listening to our requests!  (We’re hoping to get Chicago Soy Dairy’s delicious vegan marshmallows next.)  To that end, we’d love to give a Vegan KC follower a package that includes a bunch of StarLite coupons, a t-shirt, and a super nice, insulated grocery tote that has a zipper closure.  The package goes to the first person to comment on this post, or reply about the giveaway on Twitter!

I love ducking into different grocery stores (regular & health food) to see if there are any unique products, or to find the quickest and cheapest place to pick up soy milk or tofu.  

Good news for residents of the River Market area – Market 3. at 114 West 3rd Street is looking out for us.  

They’re also willing to play along to provide drinks at the counter that aren’t on their menu.  My husband talked a self-described non-barrista through a strawberry Italian cream soda (w/ soy milk) and it turned out fantastic.  Thank you, Market 3!