News & Pro Tip: The Foundry & Cafe Gratitude

Love the Cheatlover’s Pizza with vegan cheese & sausage?  Make sure you ask for it without the pesto.  A recipe change added dairy to the mixture and staff knowledge about this is mixed.  A manager (/owner?) confirmed this for us.  

He also let us in on some news – some menu changes are coming within the month that will bring even more vegan options.  And in a few months, look forward to a new restaurant called Cafe Gratitude in the old Lulu’s space on Southwest Boulevard.

More on Vegan Pizza Day

If you’re looking for a place to celebrate Vegan Pizza Day outside your own kitchen, The Foundry in Westport and Waldo Pizza are your best bets.  The Foundry’s Cheat Lovers includes vegan cheese and a yummy crumbled sausage; Waldo Pizza gives you a choice between Follow Your Heart and Daiya cheeses (we recommend Follow Your Heart and make sure they run it through the oven twice so it gets super melty and caramelized around the edges) and a long list of veggie toppings.

More on both of these vegan-friendly places soon.